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In today's world, the problem is no longer to produce, merchandise and offer a commodity or service the consumer is looking for and he can afford to buy. In fact, the problem is that of marketing commodities and services. This is the initial step towards the success of any commercial enterprise. It is, therefore, necessary to use advertising and publicity techniques and methods to realize this objective. These techniques and methods  are becoming an "effective" tool in stimulating business activities in various sectors, including industry, trade and services, amid the cut-throat competition among producers to woo and lure consumers. We find that the advertising and publicity channels are the link between what the producer makes in the form of efforts to offer a new product or service that is innovative and first class and the standards set by the mass producers and their interest and tastes, as well as their conviction of the importance of the commodity or service offered to them. The producers relies on these challenges to increase their profits, reputation and survival on the market and face the challenges of competition in the long run. As for the consumer, these challenges are educational and awareness tools which help him to select from a kaleidoscope of products and commodities available on the market and the standard of their quality, diversification and innovation involved.

The advertisement and publicity we use depends on our use of our skills and on different forms of advertisement and publicity, which make us the link for companies and firms in trying to merchandise and offer their products and services to achieve the success for our clients and customers.



Al Mas Advertising a leading and pioneering company in providing  comprehensive and integrated advertising and publicity services of all types and using all media. It is manned by a group of professionals and specialists in undertaking advertising studies and choosing appropriate advitselsing and publicity methods that are
tailored to suit the requirements of each company. The agency provides advising services through newspapers and magazines, both Arab and foreign, published in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Arab and foreign countries. It also provides advertising services through the radio and television and through direct participation in festivals, showrooms, functions and annual events.

In addition the agency mounts all kinds of intensive advertising and publicity campaigns to stimulate trade and business and inform consumers on upscale and deluxe shopping centers. Our services also include the publication of all requirements for offices and stationery, including clichés and stamps of all types. This takes the form of a wide selection of advertisements printed on gifts, give-aways and promotional items of plastic and stationery materials and a wide range of luxury items, plastic engraving, copper, marble and all type of metals and sign boards of all sizes and types.

We can also make plaques, insignias, and logos for clubs, sports teams, scouts teams and identity badges for major undertakings and companies and badges used at fairs, exhibitions, meetings and conferences. Our advertising agency prints directional signs and nameplates used at hospitals, factories and major corporations.

Our work team can produce services related to computer design, such as forms, questionnaires, invoices, receipts, accounting records and business cards.

Our company has a special team that provides services to researchers and academicians by collating, executing and publishing dissertations and write-ups, whether in the form of text or graphics, in addition to scientific presentations, slides, transparencies as well as conducting statistical analysis related to various activities.


Excelling Team

Business success is the product of good management and work. The persons who manage companies or major corporations concur that advertising is the strongest tool to present their products and services to the customers. Publicity at present employs different techniques and methods from those which were used in the past. That's why major worldwide companies struggle hard to keep abreast with the changes that have taken place in advertising techniques. The companies have now sections devoted to publicity and advertising. Promotional gifts give-aways are the second strongest publicity method after visual publicity, since it uses a tangible and innovative method to the customers, either in appreciation of their patronage or to introduce the products and services to them. The widest selection of promotional gifts and give-aways can be viewed on our revolving website ( Our company, being one of the major promotional gifts companies; it has an exhibition that features hundreds of samples of such items from all over the world. We also keep in step with changes by conducting regular visits to most fairs and exhibitions which are held all over the world. We also visit most gifts exhibitions abroad to acquaint ourselves with the latest on offer in the form of marketing, promotional and classical gifts and items.

The trust vested in our company by major companies and banks in Bahrain, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries over the years and their co-operation with us over the years has made it incumbent upon us to improve working techniques to achieve excellence, good quality and competitive prices.

Our company's work team, with their vast experience, are more than ready to visit your work places to offer samples of the gifts we have designed and produce, and will give you an ample time to select the most suitable items for your activities and judge the quality and the workmanship standards.


Excelling Team

Through long experience and professionalism, we have become deservedly the leaders in unique taste, long-established service and excelling methods, in the form of a world full of all advertisement and publicity that are put at your disposal. We know that we are, and will remain, the best. Our team also take pride in being members of an excelling staff providing the best in the form of the following services and products:

First: Conducting marketing studies and research on how to draw up and devise plans for success and realize the best return on products and services.

Second: Providing integrated services for systematic and well-organized advertising campaigns on scientific methods.

Third: The Design Section in our company is one of the excelling and innovative sections. It innovates designs which have direct purpose and content that serve the advertising campaigns, whether in the newspapers, magazines, etc.

Fourth: Designing and executing annual reports, brochures, information books, diaries, calendars, wall planners, office calenderers, magazines and periodicals.

Fifth: Our Production Section of our company executes all types of publications, including brochures, booklets and other forms of advertising and publicity.

Sixth:  We propose and suggest advertising channels to the customers after an in-depth study about their products, after which we choose what suits them and hits the target directly and serves their purposes. In addition, we suggest innovative advertising concepts which help them market and sell their products.

Seventh: We publish all kinds of advertisements in various commercial directories, magazines and Arab and foreign press in all GCC countries.

Eighth: Our highly advanced ideas and concepts are very suitable to market your products through TV commercials, because the concepts and potential we offer you provide you with unique opportunities to develop your products using the most advanced video techniques through 3-dimensional methods and animated and moving pictures, in addition to the ability to produce and execute open-ended and documentary films.

Ninth: We execute all kinds of promotional offers, whether for instant prizes or purchase draws or other forms of promotion, right from the concept until execution.

Tenth: Organizing and managing specialized fairs and exhibitions in specific areas or on behalf of countries wishing to market and introduce their products into the markets of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Work Strategies

The main bases we use at Al Mas Advertising in providing our services to the customers are:

·        Studying, examining and evaluating the customers' conditions and products;

·        Studying and evaluating the market in which customers are working and their share in the overall market;

·        Identifying and diagnosing potential growth opportunities and prospects;

·        Proposing solutions and effective programmers to solve customers' problems;

·        Managing and executing different promotional programmers;

·        Providing excelling consultative services to help customers to improve and increase their market share; and

·        Working with customers on the basis of strategic partnerships.


Company Affairs

Al Mas Advertising provides consultative services and the necessary support to help companies in executing the necessary programmes to maintain their reputation among consumers, workers and investors as well as the stakeholders in such companies and any other parties which may affect their activities at present and in the future.

Marketing and Advertising

Al Mas Advertising organizes and executes launch programmers and promotional and marketing campaigns for new products and  re-marketing of existing products on markets, in addition to motivating consumers. It also mounts advertising campaigns  and suggests ideas to our customers to achieve the highest rates of efficiency.

Management of Marketing Issues

We prepare and implement effective communications systems to monitor marketing issues and give the necessary ideas on how to tackle them, and implement the programmers which would examine the marketing trends and the feedbacks from them.

Mass Media

Al Mass Advertising helps customers to reach targeted audience by preparing and executing a wide selection of programmers and information plans and communicating them through audio-visual means, printed media and then gauging the reaction and feedback of the masses receiving the messages of information companies.

Crisis Management

We develop strategies and implement appropriate work plans for companies to deal with unanticipated crises which companies may face in their relationships with theparties dealing with them, such as workers, consumers and shareholders.

Organization of Functions and Events

We organize events and functions for companies in a way that increase and improve their profile to reach targeted masses directly through the use of audio-visual means, in addition to increasing the visibility and participation of such companies in local, regional and global events, which will contribute to improving the picture of the company and its ability to maintain good reputation with the public it is dealing with.

Research and Studies

We gather, collate and classify the necessary information and conduct research and studies which  help achieve success for targeted communication programs carrying messages offered to the targeted masses by using the most viable and effective information and marketing means and the most effective methods to reach the targeted audience.




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